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Kittens Inherit $300,000 Fortune From Late Bronx Widow

"The cats were her babies," a former aide said.

Kittens Inherit $300,000
Photo by Alexas_Fotos via Pixabay

The internet loves cats more than any other living entity, so perhaps this story won’t come as surprise to readers. But one well-off Bronx author decided to ensure her cats would be taken care of long after she’s gone.

According to WABC-TV, Ellen Frey-Wouter left $300,000 of her $3 million estate to cats Troy and Tiger so they would live a happy life. The cats should “never be caged” and always properly loved for.

Via the NY Post:

Tiger especially hit the jackpot. The former alley cat is now living the good life in sunny Ocala, Fla., dining on filet­mignon-flavored Fancy Feast and bedding down in a plush faux-fur bed with silk lining.

The cats now are now in care of Frey-Wouter’s former health aides, who also were bequeathed part of Frey-Wouter’s estate. Any grooming or vet visits the cats require are reimbursed properly by the trust fund.

This isn’t the first instance of an owner leaving their pet a considerable chuck of change. Back in 2007, Leona Halsey set the record. The infamous “Queen of Mean” left her dog “Trouble” $12 million.

Frey-Wouter’s husband was a Brooklyn College professor. He passed away in 1989, and the couple’s only child died in infancy. According to her former aide, “The cats were like her babies.”

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