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Florida Man Strikes Again, Breaks Into Home To Pet A Cat

Florida Man gets a bad rap. He seems to always be off riding manatees, stabbing the wait staff, humping innocent trees or doing… whatever you would call this.

This is bizarre behavior, but it’s not another one of those stories. This Florida Man just saw a cute cat and did what most of us would do in the situation: Try to pet it. The only problem was, the cat was inside of someone’s locked house. And it was 3:30 a.m.

Jasper Fiorenza broke into Brittney Cline’s Petersburg home; She woke up to him standing at the foot of her bed, where her cat was.

Cline told ABC Action News:

“When I opened my eyes I could see the shadow of a man standing at the end of my bed. He was standing perfectly still, I said ‘hello’ and when I said hello he dropped very slowly down to the ground. And as soon as I saw the shadow move down to the ground I knew somebody was there.”

She credits the cat for alerting her to the intruder, when it jumped from her bed and woke her up. When she panicked, he calmly said, “Hey,” and then left.

He came back two weeks later and repeated the creeping, before cops found his fingerprints on a baby gate and connected his new rash of break-ins with a database of past charges.

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