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Stolen SUV Chase Ends With Dog Saving His Owner From a Badger Hole

This news story reads like an episode of Lassie, but instead of plucky children in peril, it’s dumbass grown men on the run.

When two good ‘ol boys decided to liven up their Thursday and allegedly steal a SUV, their loyal dog had no choice but to come along. He probably thought they were going to the park.

It was your typical morning in Ontario, Oregon: A stop at Jack in the Box for breakfast — maybe a Southwest Scrambler Plate with a side of mini pancakes — and then sharing that meal with your best buddy and dog. All from the sweet bucket seats of a stolen 2001 Chevy Tahoe.

It was beautiful, at least until the police spotted them. The trooper tried to pull the two men over in the parking lot, KVAL reports, but they then threw that glorious SUV into gear, jumped a curb, and hauled truck-nuts outta there.

The police called off the pursuit because of “safety concerns,” which should give you an idea of what kind of off-roading these guys were doing. It took several hours and land and air searches to find the first suspect, running on foot, and arrested him for Escape III and a parole violation. Not clear on what happened to Escapes I and II.

The search began for the other renegade — no, sorry, it was a Tahoe — when police spotted a dog on the loose. This pupper had been through a lot already, including a crash into a ravine where they found the vehicle. Now here he was, ready to lead authorities to his owner, 22-year-old Gregory Morrow.

When the dog disappeared down a badger hole, the cops followed, and later said they found Morrow stuck feet-first. He probably would have died of exposure down there, if not for this Good Dog who chose the side of good in this Grand Theft Auto experience.

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