Friday, June 2, 2023

Burrito Saunas Are The Next Sweaty Celebrity Fad. Yes, We Said Burrito Saunas.

In our endless quest for what might make us feel better about eating garbage and chasing it with syrupy booze, there’s another bizarre health fad on the map.

Photos courtesy of Shape House

At Shape House in Los Angeles, clients get cocooned in weighted, infrared sauna blankets try to undo the damage they inflicted in last night’s West Hollywood debauchery. The process “vibrates your water molecules” and “pulls toxins from fat cells,” Shape House cofounder Lauren Berlingeri told the New York Post.

The Huffington Post gave it a try, and described it as being in a super sweaty hot sleeping bag with no breathing room. But the next day, their writer reported feeling refreshed, so maybe there is something to this. Selena Gomez and Orange is the New Black stars have been spotted going to get their burrito on.

Photos courtesy of Shape House

“We’re Americans,” Mayo Clinic’s Dr. Brent Bauer told the New York Post, by way of trying to explain why such a thing exists. And, yeah. Well put, Dr. Bauer!



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