Wednesday, May 27, 2020
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Speed Up Your Game and Defy Death With This Golf Cart Jetpack

Golf is a sport of leisure. At its most intense, the game requires only the stamina to swing a light metal club and walk a distance of a few hundred yards. Now, with the invention of the Golf Cart Jetpack, the sport is significantly less physically demanding and substantially more dangerous.

The jetpack was designed by the Martin Aircraft Company, with help from Oakley and two-time Masters champion Bubba Watson. Besides the obvious benefit of transporting your clubs across the course without having to rely on a rickety golf cart or a bored caddy, the jetpack can reportedly fly 3,000 feet in the air at a top speed of 50 MPH, allowing players to see the course from new vantage points.

“The biggest advantage I see is the bird-eye view,” Watson said in the promotional video “It’s going to give you a perspective that you’ve been missing. You’re looking at the course, how to play the course, how to shoot lower scores. It’s almost an unfair advantage.”

Unfair advantage or not, Watson appears to have no interest in actually using the 200-horsepower contraption, for now at least. In the video, he’s shown strapping himself into the machine while it’s still safely on the ground, wisely leaving the real flying to professional pilots.

This isn’t the first time Watson has pushed new golf transportation technology; in 2013, he debuted a $40,000 golf cart hovercraft.


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