Sunday, January 29, 2023

Congress Just Voted To Create An Outer Space Army

A Congressional Committee is proposing a law that would send US soldiers out of this world. Quite literally, in fact. Can you say outer space army?

The House Armed Services Committee voted 60 to 1 in favor of a bill that would form the United States Space Corps. It would be the first new branch of military formed since the Air Force in 1947. The US Space Corps would relate to the Air Force much in the way the Marine Corps relates to the Navy. The formation of the US space Corps is outlined in the National Defense Authorization Act, which is an annual piece of legislation that details military spending.

As described in the bill, the US Space Corps would be tasked with “providing combat-ready space forces that enable the commanders of the combatant commands to fight and win wars.” Talk of such a taskforce really gained attention back in 2007 when China showcased the ability to destroy satellites from the ground. Conversations heated up once again, due to recent cyber attacks on the United States.

Representative Mike Rogers, Alabama-R, has been a huge proponent of the Space Corps. Speaking with NPR near the end of June, he said, “The Russians and Chinese have realized that if they can take our eyes and ears out, which is what our satellites are, they might actually be able to compete or have an advantage against us.”

However, not all are in such favor of this legislation. Chief among them is Air Force leadership, who believe this will add unnecessary complications to already existing structures. Through the Air Force Space Command, the branch of military claims they currently monitor many of the tasks the NDAA seeks.

“This will make it more complex, add more boxes to the organizational chart, and cost more money,” Secretary Heather Wilson said to reporters June 21.

Who knows what will happen? Could these be our new Guardians of the Galaxy? Or perhaps this is preempting our future Star Wars? Maybe we must prepare for future Alien attacks? Whatever it is, Congress obviously just wants us to be prepared.



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