Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Former Congressman Believes U.S. Will Legalize Marijuana By 2022

Former Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher wants the American population to know that marijuana legalization at the national level is coming by the year 2022, and it is all going to happen courtesy of President Donald Trump.

The longtime federal lawmaker recently shared some of his thoughts on the issue with TMZ, suggesting that 2019 was a complete and total bust with respect to marijuana legalization, but that changes at the federal level were already being discussed behind closed doors.

“I don’t think anything is going to happen one way or the other this year anyway,” Rohrabacher told the gossip source. “Congress is in session for two years. The second year of that session is usually when major reforms are passing because people are getting ready for the election, they want to show what they’ve accomplished and what they stand for. And I think that’s what’s going to happen with cannabis.”

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When asked whether some type of marijuana reform would be passed in the United States within the next few years, Rohrabacher said: “Congress will do it [legalize marijuana] in coordination with this president who will help shape the compromises necessary to push the bill through Congress.”

At face value, it would seem that the one time U.S. Representative might be onto something. After all, he was part of the scene that led to the passing of an amendment that currently protects law-abiding members of the medical marijuana community from being prosecuted at the federal level. Before losing his seat to Harley Rouda last year, the 15-term representative of Orange County was considered one of the most vocal supporters of cannabis reform in the nation’s capital. Many believed that his leadership helped to make cannabis reform more of a bipartisan issue.

But he is also a bit of a kook.

As a longtime member of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology, Rohrabacher testified that global warming was a long con. Although scientists were able to provide the committee with evidence showing that humans are the culprits behind climate change, Rohrabacher insisted that “dinosaur farts”were more likely the cause. He also once asked NASA officials whether it was possible that Martians could one day inhabit our solar system and threaten our way of life here on Earth.

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Beyond his comments on space and climate change is his obsession with conspiracy theories. He believed that the Oklahoma City bombings were done by Muslin terrorists and not some white bread local boys. This is mild in comparison to how Rohrabacher reacted to the assassination of Senator Robert Kennedy. To prove that the LAPD was part of some elaborate cover-up, he dressed as a woman to secure an in-person interview with Kennedy’s killer. He also made several disparaging remarks over the years regarding the racist uprising attributed to the Trump administration. In fact, he called the neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Virginia “a total hoax,” and he believed the entire scene was staged by liberals to make President Trump look bad. He even told some news sources that the violence was all orchestrated by Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

But then again, after spending nearly three decades on Capitol Hill, Rohrabacher, who recently became a board member for the California-based cannabis advertising site BudTrader, should have an understanding for how things might shake out with respect to the marijuana issue. At least one would think. But you’ll have to forgive us for being a little apprehensive about his predictions.


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