Wednesday, July 17, 2024

What Americans Are Watching When No One Is Looking

Pornhub has released their annual data about what the United States watches.

While below Instagram, Yahoo, Amazon and Youtube, it ranks above Amazon, Walmart and TikTok. Pornhub is in the top 15 websites in the United States. The Canada based company founded in 2007 has soared in popularity. Porn is a global $97 billion industry with about $12 billion from the US. In their annual data release, they give insight into what Americans are thinking behind closed doors. Public declarations, shifting dynamics among age groups and more makes the data even more interesting. Curious on what Americans are watching when no one is looking?  Well, Pornhub’s statisticians make use of Google Analytics to figure out the most likely age and gender of visitors. This data is anonymized from billions of visits to Pornhub annually, giving us one of the richest and most diverse data sets to analyze traffic from all around the world.

The Big Picture

About 40 million American watch porn annually. Gone are the days of the porn superstar. The reality category grew by 169% to become one of the top 20 categories, while popularity of the amateur category dropped slightly by 19%. Their statisticians theorize that as more amateur models have become full-time performers, the quality of their videos has improved, but visitors are still seeking a real homemade porn experience. Women view reality 37% more than men making it their 12th most popular category compared to men’s 15th.

Women are also watching more porn with a 36% increase over last year.  Overall, 25-34 year old men and women watch the most and the 65+ watch the least. And 86% watch on a mobile phone.

Feet are the most specialized type watched with an increase of 38%.  This was driven in  145% more women watching the toe-curling action.

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Last year “lesbian” become the favorite search in the United States, replacing the previous  favorite “hentai”. In 2019 and 2017 the top US term was “lesbian”, as was “milf” in 2018. “Ebony” and “Latina” searches moved ahead of “Asian” to round out the Top 5 US Searches.

Red vs Blue States

The top 10 states to watch porn are red states and mostly Southern. Alabama, Louisiana, South and North Carolina, Mississippi, Georgia, Kentucky are joined by Indiana and Missouri for spending the most screen time.  Meanwhile Washington, Delaware, Oregon, DC and Colorado seem to have other things to do.

Across the board, it looks like Monday night at 11 pm is the most popular time with Tuesday at 5 am the least popular.

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Interesting notes

When you drill down to states – there are some surprises when it comes to top searches.  Oregon is into Furrys, Nevada into cartoons, and Colorado is into Goth.  Florida likes BBC, Maine loves anime and South Carolina search GlLF the most.

Trans are also showing a 22% increase from men and is driving a whole subset of speciality entertainment.

Popular with Gen Z (18-24 year olds) are threesomes, cosplay and cartoon. Gen Y prefers Asian, feet and tattooed. Boomers (the 55 and up crowd) likes handjobs, mature and babe rounded out with vintage porn.

As the classic country song goes “when you get behind closed doors”.


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