Thursday, July 18, 2024

Who Accidentally Shipped 10 Pounds Of Marijuana To This Pastor? 

If it hasn’t been established already, let us reiterate: We are not here to narc on how you spend your free time, including your grocery shopping trips, or how you acquire your lunch. But this is starting to get out of hand.

Someone in Sacramento shipped ten pounds of weed to a pastor in the Philadelphia suburbs. Was this a very unfortunate accident, or a really wasteful prank? Honestly, who is shipping weed hundreds of miles across the country by UPS, anyway?

According to Fox 29 reporting from Yeadon, Pennsylvania, the marijuana came by UPS and arrived on the “tree-lined doorstep of an unsuspecting Yeadon homeowner last week.”

She opened the boxed and was greeted by ten pounds of high-grade weed wrapped in plastic, stuffed in a plastic bucket, packaged in a cardboard box.

Police confiscated the weed, and the pastor is quite shaken from her surprise delivery. “She is very upset and traumatized and she feels this person or persons who were going to pick this package up might come back,” said Yeadon Police Chief Donald Molineux.

So many people messed up for this to happen. The person whose idea it was to send weed to Pennsylvania illegally. That person’s connection, who was supposed to pick it up. The pastor who turned it in to the police instead of chilling out. Please, someone turn this into a plot for the next Seth Rogan film.

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