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The Queen Isn’t Happy About Meghan Markle’s Choice To Raise Her Baby Vegan

Meghan Markle’s adventures with food are infamous. She’s had a long running health blog and has reportedly transformed Prince Harry’s health life with her disregard for smoking and her love of veggies. Now, the couple plans on raising their baby vegan and the Queen has some concerns.

The Sun reports that although the couple has had some liberty with how they raise their child and the private lifestyle they’ve chosen to embrace, the Queen wonders if it’s healthy to raise a baby vegan.

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“Meghan keeps pushing the boundaries with the Royals and it’s not being well-received, least of all by Her Majesty,” reports a royal insider. “Bringing up the baby as a vegan simply won’t be tolerated by the monarch.” The insider also says that this decision has created a rift between the couple, with Harry wanting to avoid angering his grandmother and with Meghan wanting to stand her ground.

Despite the Queen’s concerns, The Daily Mail spoke to a nutritionist in order to figure out if raising a baby vegan is healthy. According to Dr. Justine Butler, senior representative of Viva! Health, raising a baby vegan is perfectly healthy and the conversation surrounding the topic has grown tiresome and ignorant.

“All parents need to ensure good nutrition for their children, regardless of diet, but a vegan diet is linked to a lower risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Establishing healthy eating patterns early in life can help protect against these and other diseases,” Dr. Butler explains.

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Meghan Markle’s preference for healthy food and habits has been one of her primary topics of interest throughout her life. There’s no reason to believe that the health of her baby will be any different.

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