Sunday, January 19, 2020

hot mess

Florida Man Busted By Cops For Riding Manatees

If hitching a ride with a manatee in the Florida Keys sounds like it’d be good, harmless fun, consider the story of James Roy...

What Happened When I Rode Amtrak With A Totally Wasted Hot Mess

This weekend, I was very excited to experience my first ever ride on Amtrak. From New York City to Albany, a scenic ride along...

Woman Totals Car After Spider Falls From Rearview Mirror

There are very few good excuses for crashing your car in a ditch. “Driving away from bad guys and losing control” is one. Another...

Teacher To Student: “Why Don’t You Lick Me Where I Fart?”

A Canadian high school teacher has been suspended and faces possible termination this week for allegedly berating students with questions like, “Why don’t you...

Hot Mess: Share Your Craziest Stories With Us Right Now

Here at The Fresh Toast we publish all sorts of posts. We write about movies, food, music, celebrities, drinks, and—most importantly—cannabis. But we also...

“Cannibal Cop” Says The Ladies Love Him Now…Really?

Gilberto “Cannibal Cop” Valle, the former NYPD officer who was once convicted of planning to cook and eat his wife, says dozens of women...

Vape Pen Explodes In Woman’s $1,900 Louis Vuitton Bag

Sometimes when you visit a Sunglass Hut in a New Jersey mall, you walk out with a cool pair of new shades. Other times...

Worst Job Hunter Ever Mails Dead Skunks To The Competition

This job hunter makes endless LinkedIn invitations look appealing.After being turned down for a fourth grade teaching position, he went full revenge mode,...


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