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Chrissy Teigen Creatively Skirts Around Instagram’s Nudity Policies

Sometimes you just want to show off your fruits and vegetables when you’re preparing a salad. That was Chrissy Teigen’s m.o. when she posted a pic on Instagram of herself crafting what looks to be a delicious salad at home.

Christian Blogger Claims That Yoga Causes Demonic Trances

Meet Matt Walsh. He's a writer for the Daily Wire, who believes that yoga is a pagan ritual and that Christians should find some other activity to do.

Watch This Disney Robot Lose Its Head In This Disturbing Video

Sources report that the scariest part of all was that the robot's face kept moving, even though it was dangling from the body. 

People Are Petitioning Meghan Markle To Do This One Thing For...

As of press time, the petition has more than 4,500 signatures with a goal of 5,000.

Watch This Woman Convince Partygoers To Vape From Wii Remote

While the first toker looks like he's playing along with the girl and her Wii prank, the other people that follow look truly puzzled that there's no smoke coming out of their mouths.

That Time Twitter Blocked Marijuana-Related Searches Then Re-Installed Them Without Explanation

Despite its mainstay as a media technology company, Twitter consistently struggles with seemingly avoidable PR issues. The main problem for Twitter over the years has been abusive harassment from trolls and the overall toxic environment its community creates.

Miss Meghan Markle On Social Media? Follow Her Here

Meghan Markle is now off the grid. The revolutionary lady deleted all her social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Epic FB Thread Proves Oregonians Are Terrified Of Pumping Their Own...

Some people in Oregon are not happy that they must now join 49 other states (get with it, New Jersey) in being allowed to pump their own gas.

How To Get Your Best Nine Year-End Collage On Instagram

Popularly known as Instagram's Best Nine, this popular collage feature has an interesting backstory.

Here Is The Last Great Meme Of 2017

If you're active on social media you've probably noticed the latest New Year's Eve meme that's been circulating. The meme consists of giving suggestions...