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The Internet Can’t Cope With Ivanka Trump’s 21-Minute Sex Playlist

Ivanka Trump made a depressingly romantic 21-minute playlist, including John Legend’s “All Of Me” and Bruno Mars’ “When I Was Your Man.”

People Really Want To Know What’s Inside The Hamburger Helper Glove

A recent Twitter post just mindfucked everybody, asking what’s really inside the Hamburger Helper glove. Does anyone how there have a clue?

Name The New Oreo Mystery Flavor And Win $50K

The new flavor is a secret, called “Mystery Flavor Oreos." They plan to award 50,000 dollars to the person who identifies the flavor.

Facebook Is The Reason This NPR Employee Is In Big Trouble

In the midst of worldly ragedies, an NPR employee posted an adorable story about something or someone named Ramona to the company's social media account.

What Your Instagram Posts Say About Your Personality

Did you know that your photos on Instagram that tell a lot about you? Here's what your Instagram posts say about your personality.

A Compelling Argument Against Twitter’s New 280-Character Limit

Twitter announced this week that it would be rolling out a new 280-character limit, doubling the previous 140-character restriction.

Meme Alert: Silly Outfits For The First Day Of School

Memes and social media challenges have become the norm of the internet for those who’ll do almost anything to get a video to go viral.

Snapchat’s Newest Feature Will Change The Concert-Experience Game

I know every time friends attend a concert or giant music festival, even though they never tell me about it. That’s because they posted a Snapchat of it.

The Drive-By Dunk Challenge Is The Newest Social Media Trend

If planking and the Mannequin Challenge would appeal to you, then there’s little doubt you are going to love the Drive-By Dunk Challenge.

This Instagram Account Will Call You Out On Your Fake-Ass Camping...

Campsites rest underneath night skies or aside awe-inspiring mountain cliffs. But post some fake-ass camping photos on IG and you will be called out.