If You Stole This Lady’s Placenta From The Fridge, Please Just Return It

Look. We’re not about to snitch on someone who desperately needed to placate their midnight craving for human placenta. This is a safe space.

Oh, Honey! There’s A Fetish Where People Want To Have Bee Sex

Melissophilia might just be the most awkward sexual fetish ever, especially for bees. We're talking about grown humans who want bee sex.

Fascists Get Freaky: Denver Furry Convention Is Canceled

Rocky Mountain Fur Con, the annual Denver furry convention, was abruptly canceled. The official reason: Too many fascists.

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Why Was A Dead Gator Found In Florida Dorm Room?

In Florida, it’s normal to see gators in swamps and lakes. It is, however, rare to find one—even if it’s dead—in a college dorm room.

Your Smelly Lunch Is Now A Criminal Offense In Italy

Finally, justice comes for the public nuisance coworkers who insist on microwaving their fish tacos and tuna salad sandwiches at work.

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Japan is popular for having a lot of weird shit, especially when it comes to sex, and these Japanese sex shows are gonna leave a mark, y'all.

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The GIF below of a workout warmup gone terribly wrong apparently occurred at a Crossfit class, according to sleuths on reddit.

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An equally perfect coincidence occurred when an NBC 4 camera crew collided with rabid Mets fan Frank Fleming. This baseball fan has no chill.