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Could ‘Cannabis Compatibility’ Reshape Canada’s Dating Scene?

Have you ever had a relationship where one partner used medical marijuana or just loved to puff and the other partner not only wasn’t down, but couldn’t get their head around it? Chances are, if you have, it wasn’t your longest lasting relationship. Cannabis is a major player when it comes to romance and it can either be a buzzkill or an enhancement.

Take Canadian Steve Bisson, who loves his weed. He’s tried having “sober” partners, but it’s never stuck in those situations. Pot becomes an issue eventually. He told CTV News, “I’m going to smoke regardless. If my partner has a problem with it, then that won’t be my partner.”

In his current situation, though, Bisson said imbibing with his partner on weekends has made them closer — in a lot of ways, sex not being the least of them. “The sex, he loves. Without going into any detail, he says sex is so much better on marijuana than without it.”

Now that cannabis is legal for adult use in Canada, these questions are bound to come up with potential couples, probably right out the gate. How frequently they use cannabis, how much they use, if they’re weekend warriors or daytime vapers will all factor into compatibility.

Nicknamed “The Tinder for Tokers,” the Florida based app “High There!” is looking to expand into Canada, which seems like a smart move. Most dating apps treat marijuana as a deal breaker and tout “clean” relationships for life (or there will be a small, embarrassed note: “4/20 friendly” somewhere on the profile). It will be a refreshing change up for Canadians to swipe right for a getting to know you sesh.

Antuanette Gomez, the Toronto-based founder and CEO of “Pleasure Peaks,” which provides products for women’s sexual health, believes there is merit in bring pot into the bedroom. It stimulates both the physical and emotional aspects of sex and its practice and dates back to tantric sex, which utilized the herb as an aphrodisiac.

Cannabis is also the great peacemaker, hence the term “peace pipe.” As we all know, relationships have their ups and downs and sometimes, if you can get to a neutral space, packing a bowl, passing the vape pen or doing a couple dabs together can turn the yelling match into a cuddle fest that, yes, may very well lead to the bedroom.



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