Tuesday, August 16, 2022

7 Incredible Benefits Of THC

Though best known for its elevating properties, THC is medicinal at its core. Even in small doses, THC has been shown time and again to alleviate the symptoms of many ailments.

More than 30 U.S. states now have some sort of broad medical marijuana law that permits adults, and sometimes children, to utilize the multipurpose cannabis plant. That means that despite its Schedule I standing, which allows for no medical usages, people have made up their own minds, used their own eyes, ears and hearts to make decisions about their health.

Medical marijuana has many components to it, from cannabinoids to terpenes and flavonoids, all of which contribute to its therapeutic effects. This article, however, focuses on the benefits of the cannabinoid THC in particular. Though best known for its elevating properties, THC is medicinal at its core.

Chronic pain relief

Even in small doses, THC has been shown time and again to alleviate the symptoms of chronic pain. Though it may not wipe the pain out, it lends different tools to deal with said pain and provides relief from the hurt to the mental fatigue that pain brings.

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Getting the Most Out Of Cannabis for Chronic Pain
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Wasting syndrome and lack of appetite

THC is also responsible for bringing back appetites – a crucial part of healing for those living with HIV and the side effects of cancer therapy. These benefits can not be overstated, as keeping on weight is key to staying healthy.

It’s an enhancement herb

No matter if you’re watching your favorite sitcom or sitting down with a decadent piece of creamy cake, the THC in cannabis is going to make it better. We laugh harder, eat the best bits, appreciate art more intensely and the list goes on with THC enhancement. How could that not be healthy?

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THC is a powerful antioxidant

There are so many stressors out there that affect our health in a negative manner. THC and other cannabinoids act as antioxidants to protect skin health and protect against damage that could lead to cancer.


So many of the ailments out there are do to inflammation and THC is one of the best ways to combat it. Arthritis, depression, aches, pains and a whole slew of disorders could be alleviated by reducing inflammation where it counts. THC knows where it counts.

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It’s an anticonvulsant

Though CBD usually gets the credit for anticonvulsant properties, THC plays a major role as well. Medical marijuana is used with great success to combat seizure disorders such as epilepsy.


THC, especially when found in a heavy indica, is an incredible sleep aid. For those with severe insomnia, mixing cannabis with melatonin at night is an almost guarantee to have you off into dreamland.

When It Comes To Sleep, Quality Is Better Than Quantity
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