Friday, July 19, 2024

Does Being In The Sun Increase Your Weed High

Sun’s out – fun’s out…or something like that – but does being under the blazing sun mess with your high?

Summer is here, time to slip on the shorts and head up to soak up the sun. BBQs, beach or water days, poolside or backyard relaxing, all part of the summer culture. Usually there is a cooler full of chilled drinks to either hydrate or intoxicate. With marijuana use on the increase and, in some case instead of alcohol, does being in the sun increase your weed high?

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You always have to be careful drinking alcohol in the hot sun. Alcohol reduces the release of an antidiuretic hormone (ADH) called vasopressin. This ADH works with your kidneys to keep your body fluids balanced. It is also a diuretic, meaning more trips to the restroom and loss of fluid. Now, add in increased sweating from the hot sun, and it’s a recipe for dehydration disaster.  Dehydrated also make the intoxication feeling more intense.

Marijuana tends to releases endorphins which make you feel happy, relaxed and high. They are hormones released when we feel pain or stress. They can also be released by our bodies during pleasurable experiences like exercise, eating, listening to favorite music, getting a massage, or sex.

The sun UV rays can release the same endorphins. Science concludes exposure to the  sun’s UV rays can increase endorphin levels by 30 to 50%. So, when you combine sunshine with cannabis’ own feel-good cannabinoids, it’s possible that the mix of these feel-good chemicals could result in an elevated state of bliss and euphoria.

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But while chilling in the sun can intensify the experience, you have to be careful about a couple of things. Getting lost in the enjoyment in heat and sunlight could lead to an unexpected sunburn, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke. Hydration is also key when drinking or consuming marijuana,  water or other electrolyte drinks to stay hydrated are important, especially in the heat.

Have a way to check in and seek shade and a cooler environment so you can live to bake another day.


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