Friday, July 19, 2024

What Is The Dosage For A Marijuana Light Chill

Sometimes you just need a little push to relax, but don’t want to go farther…how much should you take for a little chill to take the edge off.

Friday are the second most favorite day of the week, only behind Saturday. Mondays are the worst with the focus on heading back the 5 day grind. But sometimes the pressure or mindset of work is hard to leave behind. Rather than getting blotto’d on booze or heavily stoned…what can you take to just unwind and let your muscle relax?  What is the dosage for a marijuana light chill, but lets you do all the things you want to in a weekend?

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Marijuana is available to over 50+% of the population and over 85% of the country believes it should be legal in some form. A healthier option than alcohol, it is gaining traction and cutting into beer sales. One reason is there is more of a chance of control over the time and potency of the high. Give you more options on how to use your time.

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Like a glass of wine, marijuana in moderation can help with a little bit of a mood reset.  Another benefit of a light dose it can put your brain in a more receptive pace. When high, the brain slows down the memory search function allowing you to experience food, music, comedy and more…raising the intensity of the experience.

To take the edge off, start with a 2.5-5 mg and judge if this hits the spot.  Vapes and gummies are great ways to manage dosage and keep just a certain level. With vaping, you simply take a hit when to keep you in the same spot, as it fades, you can make a decision. With gummies, you will need to estimate timing as it is absorbed differently in the body and can take from 30-60 minutes to hit.

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If you chose a sativa or a mixed strain with slightly more sativa, you will be headed toward more of a cerebral high helping with reducing anxiety and  as well as increased focus and concentration. An indica strain produces full-body high, giving a broader relaxing and can also help sleeping. It is never a good idea to mix alcohol with marijuana, it can lead to some messy situations.


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