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Elizabeth II Is The New Queen Of Cannabis, Thanks To Canada Legalization

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On Wednesday, Elizabeth II, the beloved leader of the British Empire, officially becomes the titular head of a country to fully implement a legal marijuana policy. This, obviously, will make her the Queen of Cannabis. Though the queen is known to enjoy a drink or two, it’s believed she has not consumed in the plant.

In 1982, a series of constitutional conferences resulted in the Canada Act, the partition of Canada from the United Kingdom. They established complete sovereignty as an independent country, although the Queen retained her role as monarch. Canada, with a population of 36 million, is one of the 53 countries part of the British Commonwealth. During WWII, the Queen’s uncle Henry, Duke of Gloucester, served as Governor General.

Three of the Queen’s famous relatives have been linked to marijuana. Queen Victoria, known for the prudish Victorian era, may have been given cannabis as a method of relieving her menstrual cramps. Sir. J. Russell Reynolds, her private physician, wrote in 1890 that “when pure and administered carefully, [cannabis] is one of the most valuable medicines we possess.”

Her Majesty’s late sister, Princess Margaret, was the royal wild child. Along with the imagine of her partying lifestyle, there are several references of her smoking weed.

In 2002, it was revealed Prince Harry used marijuana while underage (which, like alcohol, is not recommended as it can have negative effects on a still developing body and brain). While the popular prince has since been around cannabis (the most notorious is the Vegas incident where he showed the royal bum), it is unclear if he has consumed as an adult.

But his wife, Megan, Duchess of Sussex, has the dubious honor of having a cannabis strain named after her. An Oregon weed farmer, Tyler Dooley, announced he created a new strain called “Markle’s Sparkle” as a wedding present for the Duchess. It is assumed the Queen was not amused and, since weed is illegal in England, doubtful the Duchess has partaken.

The guess is despite the newly Canadian legal status and its emerging economic boom, the royal family will shy away from any whiff of consumption.

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