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Flying High: This Guy Perfected Smoking Weed Via Drones

It doesn’t matter how serious you are. When you see a video scrolling across your feed of a man smoking a bong on a drone, you’re gonna click. And that, we did.

The video comes courtesy of Eric Mercer, a 23-year-old worker in Maine’s cannabis industry. He’s become somewhat of a cult figure on social media for marijuana enthusiasts, as smoking via drone assist is kind of his thing. He’s used drone technology to smoke joints, dabs, and the breakfast bowl pipe.

The videos came from “just a passion for drones, a passion for being creative, and wanting to come up with cool, new things to show people on Instagram,” he told Marijuana Moment.

But the bong video is where Mercer truly outdoes himself.

When asked if it’s gotten easier over time, he admitted, “Yes and no. Inside, no problem. I feel like I’ve mastered that. I can fly circles around the room and let other people get a chance to hit it, but outdoors is still the challenge.”

Mercer also announced plans to launch separate accounts to grow his audience moving forward. He’ll still post videos on his regular Instagram and YouTube accounts, which you can find at the hyperlinks above.


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