Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Wake And Bake: The Breakfast Bowl Marijuana Pipe

A breakfast bowl can confer multiple meanings to a cannabis user. Like everyone else, the modern cannabis consumer uses breakfast bowls like anyone else: for cereal, oatmeal, maybe some ice cream if you’re feeling adventurous in the morning. But a breakfast bowl marijuana pipe? A wake and bake, for the ages.

Thanks to cannabis legalization, smoking and consumption technologies have boomed in recent years. Whether it’s tinctures or vaporizers or topicals, the industry has seen an explosion of creativity when it comes to enjoying marijuana responsibly.

For one man, though, there was one device missing: the breakfast bowl. Instead of something that was one or the other—either a cereal bowl or pipe—Ryan Hart concocted a device that was both. Priced at $89, now you can pack a bowl of marijuana and a bowl of oatmeal to start your mornings. Or if you’re more of a night owl, a bowl of ice cream and some indica.



“The Breakfast Bowl Pipe was in internet myth that we had to break,” reads the company’s website. “We saw all of the photos and followed all the links, but just couldn’t find a place to buy it. So we did the next best thing, we commissioned the production so we could share it with the world.”

You can purchase the Breakfast Bowl Pipe here.



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