Friday, February 3, 2023

How To Dose Your Dunkin’ Donuts Girl Scout Cookie Coffee With GSC Cannabis

Cookies are irresistible to most, but Girl Scout Cookies in particular inspire far less self control. Their tasty flavor combos and limited availability makes it pretty hard to say no when you see a cutie pie in a blue, brown, or green sash, selling her wares to raise money for her troop. I had the blessing of buying cookies from a scout right outside of a dispensary in Colorado, and having been a Girl Scout myself, it was an amazing, full circle experience.

Did it completely help her cause that I knew I’d be hungry later thanks to the big bag of goodies I had on hand? You bet. Did we devour the cookies as soon as the mood struck? You bet double. So seeing Dunkin’ Donuts adopt those iconic cookies for a coffee is like getting a more convenient second chance on the cookies you may not have copped this year.

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According to Refinery29, “From now through spring 2019, you can get your morning coffee packed with one of three classic Girl Scout cookie flavors: Coconut Caramel, Thin Mint, and the brand-new Trefoil Shortbread, featuring a buttery, toasted flavor.” It’s not just regular coffee that can get the cookie treatment at Dunkin’ Donuts. R29 continues, “The flavorings will be available in all Dunkin’ coffee drink offerings: hot and iced coffee and espresso drinks, including cappuccinos and lattes.”

But what if you could dose your Girl Scout Cookie coffee with some Girl Scout Cookies cannabis? And once you’ve picked your tasty jam, how should you go about making it cannabis-y? There are a few options. If you don’t care what strain you use, products like Ripple give you a quick and flavorless shot of THC, but if you want to go cookie for cookie, you may have to make your own.  

Stirring some gently decarbed GSC concentrate, which can be rare in some states, into coconut oil or glycerin is an easy way to make a DIY tincture that is low-effort and just right for speed and controllability. If you know you have a 100mg jar, you can easily divide doses by the total volume of liquid you melt it into. This means you end up with three sizeable doses per tablespoon or 30 smaller doses per milliliter if you use one ounce of oil. It’s pretty simple to follow and even easier to use.

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If the enticing aroma of Girl Scout Cookies in your coffee isn’t enough, the terpy excellence of GSC goes well with all three. It’s minty notes are a match made with thin mints, buttery trefoils play nicely with the pine of the GSC’s Durban Poison parentage, and my personal favorite, samoas, are chocolate and caramel yumminess that a coconut oil base would only enhance.

Get your cookie on from now until the end of spring, like the real thing, these coffee flavors are only temporary. Let’s hope the strain is forever.



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