Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Now Is The Perfect Time To Improve Your Workouts With Weed

If you’ve never worked out while high, now is probably the best time to try if you’re stuck at home.

Despite the limited space and added stress of the pandemic, quarantine has inspired a lot of people to work out. This is awesome news and is also the perfect opportunity to try out new routines and workouts that you’d never considered before. Why not try out a dance class? Who cares if your neighbors catch glimpses of your awkward moves.

Now that our workouts are limited to the comfort and restraint of our homes, it’s the perfect time to mix things up. Here’s why you should try smoking weed before choosing your next online workout video:

Longer workouts

How Marijuana Can Improve Your Home Workouts
Photo by dubajjo via Pixabay

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A 2019 study published in the journal Frontiers in Public Health found that people who consume weed before exercising tend to have longer workout sessions. Participants who consumed marijuana said that the drug helped them get motivated to work out and made the activity more enjoyable. On average, marijuana users worked out 2.5 hours more on a weekly basis than those who didn’t consume weed before or after working out.

It’s the perfect time to try out new activities

Getting high and working out in a public setting (gym, yoga class, etc.) sounds fun, but also totally daunting if you’ve never worked out while high. Working out from home gives you the chance to manage how much weed you consume while also providing some peace of mind because you’re alone and won’t be embarrassed. Start off slow and see how you feel, trying out different workouts until you find something that fits.

No time restraints

Photo by Alexander Mils via Unsplash

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Marijuana alters our relationship with time. When working out from home there’s no need to worry about having to share weights with someone or limiting the amount of cardio you put in. If you spend more than two hours working out alone at home, good for you.

You won’t have to worry about other people

The worst part about trying out a new activity while high is worrying about what other people might be thinking. Working out is already a vulnerable thing to do, especially if you’re training new muscles or trying out new routines. Being at home provides a safety net of sorts; even if the weed distracts you too much from your workout, you’re still someplace that’s safe and comfortable.



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