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These Marijuana And Cheese Pairings Will Blow Your Mind

Date night, friends over, a plate at a good restaurant, the old pair of wine and cheese. Thanks to the French (and maybe the Italian), it is a culinary staple, sometimes serving as just lunch or dinner. But with the mainstreaming of cannabis, could the new pairing be different?  These marijuana and cheese pairings will blow your mind.

But if you can’t locate these strains, there are other ways to devise your own pair.  Think of your favorite vape and the pair with it a soft cheese or one that brings out the flavors you want.  Or maybe sparkling water, a gummy, a cheese plate and a favorite movie. The combinations are endless.


Much like oenophiles, weed connoisseurs are particular to the roots and background of their commodity. How and where the bud is grown, as well as aromas and flavor are as important to serious smokers as they are pertinent to a grape for wine experts. As marijuana becomes increasingly integrated into mainstream society, the cannabis and culinary worlds become further intertwined. Here are some ideas to start your journey.

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The Bud: Durban Poison
The Cheese: Fresh Ricotta
Why it works: As one of the highest ranking sativas in the country, Durban Poison is best paired with an equally top quality cheese. This strain’s refreshing piney aroma and sweet floral flavor balances perfectly with the soft texture and mildness of fresh ricotta. This Italian whey cheese acts as a simple canvas for which the bold Durban Poison flavors shine.


The Bud: Super Silver Haze
The Cheese: Garrotxa
Why it works: Super Silver Haze, the child of Haze, Northern Lights and Skunk No.1, is an extremely popular bud. Known for a primarily citrus flavor, with sweet and earthy notes, there are many ways to pair this strain. Garrotxa, a firm-textured goat cheese from Catalonia, is also known for its earthy aromas and is often paired with citrus flavors.

The Bud: Blue Dream
The Cheese: Smoked Manchego
Why it works: Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid and California original. The bud is synonymous with its sweet berry aroma, reminiscent of its Blueberry parent. To complement the commanding sweetness, pair this strain with a strong smoked manchego. The sweet notes of berries, against the smokiness of the sheep’s cheese is a winning combination.

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The Bud: Golden Goat
The Cheese: Vermont Sharp Cheddar
Why it works: This versatile bud may be earthy in flavor, but its fruity scent can be picked up from miles away. Golden Goat’s Hawaiian roots give it a unique light green and pink coloring. And while Hawaii and Vermont may not always be a natural pairing, there is something special about the way they work together in weed and cheese. Vermont Sharp Cheddar is best paired with earthy flavors, the ultimate match for a bud like Golden Goat.

The Bud: SAGE
The Cheese: Aged Bra
Why it works: S.A.G.E., or Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium, is one of the spiciest strains you can get. With pine, sage and earthy flavors, this bud needs a smooth, light cheese to balance your palate. A slightly less firm cheese like aged bra will offset the potent spices find in SAGE. Together this bold pairing creates an unforgettable combo



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