Gossip: Gwyneth Paltrow Shilling Illuminati Conspiracies; Celebrity Jeweler Reveals Blac Chyna Tried To Charge $300,000 To Rob Days Ago

The latest celeb gossip from our friends over at NG: Gwyneth Paltrow shilling Illuminati conspiracies; Celebrity jeweler reveals Blac Chyna tried to charge $300,000 to Rob days ago.

Here’s Why You Don’t Mess With Adorable Otters

A leisurely swim in Washington state’s Cliff Lake turned into something from a B-movie horror plot, when a swimmer was attacked by a pair of otters.

How Spam Became One Of The Most Iconic American Brands Of All Time

While you might think of Spam as a basic canned meat, it’s actually one of the greatest business success stories of all time.

Timmy The Naughty Penguin Has Had Enough

Timmy, the naughty penguin in this tale of two penguins, was accused of stealing fish and shoving other penguins.

7 Cannabis Sodas For People Who Don’t Like Weed

Today's cannabis sodas look just like the real thing, so they're easy to sneak into public places, not that we're suggesting that.

Gossip: Inside Kanye West & Jay-Z’s Beef; Ben Affleck Dating SNL Producer

The latest celeb gossip from our friends over at NG: Inside Kanye West & Jay-Z’s beef; Ben Affleck dating SNL producer.

The Stupid Fireworks Award For 2017 Goes To This Guy

A man in Michigan wins the Stupid Fireworks award because he decided it was the best way to solve his bee problem—a nest was growing in his garage.

These People Are Snorting Lines Of Chocolate

Described as super trendy in Europe, snorting lines of chocolate is now making its way into the states. You read that correctly.

Inside The Stormy Bromance Between Iron Man And Spider-Man

With all the Spider-Man hype in the air, we wanted to showcase some good and bad times that he has shared with his friend/mentor/rival Iron Man.

DJ Chelsea Leyland: Advocate For Medical Marijuana And Epilepsy

Like others in her position, DJ Chelsea Leyland seemed initially wary when entering the cannabis space. Happily, she has fully embraced her role.