Monday, August 2, 2021


Does Instagram Reveal Who’s Stalking Your Profile?

We've all experienced it. That weird feeling when Instagram prioritizes users over others for no apparent reason, making you wonder if maybe you've been stalking them without knowing about it. Or when the person you like is always the...

What Does The Green Dot On Instagram Mean?

If you've visited your direct messages on Instagram recently you might have noticed that some users have green dots on the bottom right of their profile pictures. It's a strange addition that goes a step further than simply letting...

Snapchat Is Having A Rough Time And Is Forced To Shut Down Snapcash

Peer to peer payment technologies are on the rise with trustworthy apps such as Venmo, PayPal and Zelle. It's a tough business to be a part of when you don't have the numbers or the credibility, as demonstrated by Snapchat which will soon be terminating Snapcash.

This Roomba Knockoff Can Be Hacked Into A Home Security Device

A Chinese Roomba knock-off, has some serious vulnerabilities that could give hackers the opportunity to turn your vacuum cleaner into an in-home surveillance device.

Despite All Odds Bitcoin Is Back, Sort Of

After a rough year that prevented Bitcoin investors from sleeping soundly, the cryptocurrency finally found its footing again, making a comeback that now values the coin at over $7,000.

Behold, The Best Selling Items On Amazon Prime Day In Each Country

The day-and-a-half event known as Amazon Prime Day may have seen a website glitch or two, but that didn't stop sales from surpassing the 100 million mark, making it a sales day bigger than Cyber Monday, Black Friday and last year's Prime Day.

4 Exciting Domestic Technologies That Will Change The Future

The existence of digital assistants, while striking a bit of fear and paranoia, will only increase in the future. And some of the software available is providing some really cool results.

Website Glitch? Try This Amazon Prime Day Hack

If a website glitch is keeping you from cashing in on Amazon Prime Day deals, try this shortcut.

4 Features That Prove Smartphones & Social Media Are Addictive By Design

Smartphone and social media addiction is no joke. Here are four features that make it really hard to put our phones down.

You Can Now Buy A Rose Gold iPhone X For Only $4K

A London based company has created an iPhone X that's covered in 18K of rose gold and that has a price of more than $4,000.

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