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A Deep Study Of Taylor Swift’s Meals And Eating Habits

Taylor Swift
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No one inspires as many think pieces as Taylor Swift. For whatever reason, whenever she says something to the media, releases a song, or simply breathes, there are legions of haters and fans alike who will defend and attack.

It’s stunning to see just how much the world revolves around the singer whenever she pops up. We tend to forget her and live in peace for a couple of months, but then she comes back and it’s like the Swift craze never left.

While Taylor Swift has made a lot of things iconic, creating endless memes, coining terms like girl squad and immortalizing the world’s most dramatic celebrity feud, people also obsess over her eating habits. The Daily Meal has investigated what lies in T. Swift’s fridge and we’re not surprised by what they found.

Here are the 4 most interesting discoveries:


Woah. Taylor Swift drinks water. Amazing. According to Bob Appetit, she drinks tons of water, about 10 bottles a day to be precise, and even more while touring.

She has a secret honey mustard salmon recipe

According to her Instagram feed, or her previous Instagram feed which was deleted (because her new Instagram is just filled with snake ads for her upcoming “crazy” album) the old Taylor used to enjoy a lot of dinner parties with friends, where she was known for cooking elaborate and delicious dishes such as honey mustard salmon on coconut rice.

Chicken & Dumplings

Born and raised in Nashville, T. Swift reports that this is her favorite dish to make whenever she’s trying to impress family or friends. 

Baking In Winter

She loves winter, where she can cook things with nutmeg and cinnamon, and bake pumpkin spice bread and ginger molasses cookies. She also loves the chance to drink hot chocolate and chai tea.

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