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Can You Guess Reese Witherspoon’s Favorite Foods?

To promote her new movie Home Again, Reese Witherspoon took questions from New York City residents MOS (Man on the Street) style. Questions ranged from “How do I get into Harvard Medical School?” (you realize Legally Blonde was just a movie, right dude?)  to “What’s the most dramatic face you can make?”. But some of the questions that got Reese most excited were related to food.

As to whether or not there’s hot sauce in her bag:

“There is not hot sauce in my bag, BUT…I do like some Cholula. I do like some spicy shrimp and grits.”

As to what kind of steak she prefers:

“I’m a filet minion girl. That’s just what I am. It’s what I like.”

As to “What’s the best southern food?” (Reese is a Nashville native):

“The best southern food for me is probably fried chicken. There’s noting like hot, spicy fried chicken and you get the best at Hattie B’s in Nashville, Tennessee.”

Watch Reese answer all the questions with a big o’l southern grin on her face the entire time.

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