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Watch: Hangry Chris Pratt Eats Snacks On The Set Of ‘Jurassic World 2’

Being on a movie set all day has its glamorous moments, but often times, it’s a lot of sitting around and pretending you’re not on a strict diet (says the person who’s never been on a movie set). Chris Pratt proves this point with a series of Instagram videos he recently made of himself eating tiny, portioned out snacks during the filming of Jurassic World 2. Obviously, the exhaustion and delirium has started to set in, as Pratt seems a little stir-crazy as he: annihilates an apple, cagily sneaks a late-night snack, eats cat food “like a good little boy” (it’s actually sashimi) and struggles to pronounce the name of cacao banana chia pudding.

In the first installment of “What’s My Snack?” Pratt stumbles through the pronunciation of Cacao Baobab Banana Chia. I mean, okay, that second word is a scorcher, but cacao? That’s way more common. Regardless, like a child learning to read, Pratt sounds it out until he nails it. Atta boy, Chris. We’re with IG user @nagi_janhvi who asks: “Is you high?”

The rest of the snacks get easier to pronounce.

Looking like someone who hasn’t been let out of his cage in weeks, Pratt announces that his snack for the day is assorted sashimi. “This smells and tastes exactly like Berkley PowerBait. I see why trout love it.” If that’s not an endorsement, what is?

The best #WhatsMySnack vid shows Pratt up at night, pondering how to take care of his intense hunger pangs when he should be in bed. It’s adorable and relatable.

Pratt whispers, “Honestly, it’s pretty late and I’m so huuuungry. It’s 10:53 pm and I should go to bed, but instead, I’m maybe gonna eat my snack for tomorrow.” He dives into the Olive Oil Pistachio Cake and, well, the ending is sweeter than the dessert itself.

Pratt, feeling a bit embarrassed by his schoolboy-like behavior over a simple piece of cake tries to redeem himself the next day with a more “manly” snack because “snacks don’t have that kind of power over me. Nothing does. Because I’m strong, I’m a man, and I don’t get all hung up over some cake.” With that, he grabs his new snack with the disclaimer that “I’m gonna eat it and I’m gonna try not to be all weird about it.”

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