Saturday, October 31, 2020
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People Can’t Stop Making These Prince Harry ‘In The Club’ Memes

The internet can’t leave Prince Harry alone.

For some reason, a video clip from January 2013 has resurfaced and is swirling all over social media. In it, Prince Harry is in Afghanistan, where he served in the army, and is being interviewed by CNN. The interview stops abruptly when Harry sees that there’s a commotion behind him, prompting him to stand up, take off his mic, and run off to see what’s going on so he can help out if necessary. The camera follows him and the interviewers are shocked. So are we. 

Now that’s Harry’s getting married and he’s all over the news, the clip resurfaced with some embellishments from all corners of the internet. For some reason, Prince Harry ‘In the club” is a thing, and now no one can stop it.

The meme is simple and short: Harry is in the middle of an interview and a song starts to play, making him run off because he really needs to dance. The songs range from Beyonce’s “Formation”, to Daddy Yankee’s “Gasolina”, to the yodeling kid at Walmart. Check out the best clips below:


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