Friday, October 30, 2020
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What Exactly Is Going On With John Mayer And Marijuana?

As we noted last week, John Mayer told the New York Times that he’s swapping booze for weed these days. “I’m actually very thoughtfully entering the cannabis life,” he said.

In a recent Rolling Stone interview, he’s back on the record about how the shift from alcohol to marijuana is changing his lifestyle:

I put it where drinking used to go, and the quality of life has gone up considerably. Drinking is a fucking con. How much is enough? Every time I drank, I was looking for some sort of regulated amount. It always feels wrong for me. I always feel like I went overboard. “I said two, now it’s three, now we’re at four?” I never had a serious issue with it, but I remember looking around going, “This feels rigged. I’m taking a break. There’s never an amount that felt like I was succeeding at life. It always felt wrong.

He goes on to mention how he’s always been “the guy saying that I didn’t like altered states,” and that “Once you know who you are, then it becomes OK.” Mayer says he remembers every trip, and every thought he ever had while under the influence of a drug.

Coming from a guy who wrote the lines “One mile to every inch of/Your skin like porcelain/One pair of candy lips and/Your bubblegum tongue,” it sure sounds like someone who’s taken a trip or two. It’s to-be-determined if this new marijuana revival in Mayer’s life with result in more masterpieces like that.


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