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Here’s Your Ultimate 4th Of July Drinking Guide

Independence Day makes for the perfect excuse to get tipsy and have no one say anything about it.

If you’re throwing a 4th of July party or you’re simply making a drink for your friends, check out these 5 amazing drink options:


Highball combinations are the simplest to make and they’re also enjoyed by the largest amount of people. There are the classic and reliable drinks like gin and tonic or vodka and soda, but there’s also always room to get creative. Scotch and chocolate soda is a good one, or moxie and amaro. These soda + booze combinations are fun and lime is almost always a great companion for them. Be sure to try out the craziest inventions on small quantities; you don’t want to have to drink or throw away a full glass of liquor just because the end result was awful.


These drinks are fresh and perfect for the summer and they’re also super varied. You can make sangria with red wine, white wine or even rosé and add fruits that match the base wine and liquor. One of our favorite options is the watermelon sangria, which uses white wine, cointreau, rum, syrup, limes and watermelon. That already sounds like summer.


Cocktails are great if you’re planning on drinking during the day, being the best option for brunch. Spicy Bloody Marys and different flavored Margaritas are great companions for barbecue food. You can also make a Negroni punch, inspired on the classic Negroni drink but not as boozy thanks to the addition of seltzer water.

Alcohol-Free Drinks

Last but not least: alcohol-free drinks, which are always forgotten but sometimes needed, especially when you have several events planned for the long weekend. You can always buy some lemonade from the nearest store, but it’ll be way more delicious if you make one with your own twist. Lemonade is a very flexible drink, you can make it spicy with some jalapeños and strawberries, or a more simple and traditional one with a touch of basil and honey. You can also make some iced tea or some fresh juices from watermelons and cucumbers.


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