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10 Winter Superfoods That Boost Your Immune System

Winter is not known for it’s fruits and vegetables, but there are plenty of them that are delicious and nourishing. These foods are not the prettiest when compared to other seasonal fruits and veggies – having to be really strong to survive extreme temperatures – but what they lack in looks they make up for in flavor and nutrients.

Check out these 10 winter superfoods that we’re sure you already love. Be sure to buy them in markets during the season, taking advantage of their freshness and availability:


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Kale has low calories and tons of fiber, perfect for any diet, whether you’re looking to maintain your figure or simply keep your body running like a well oiled machine.


This fruit is soft, sweet and has an amazing juicy texture while also containing vitamin C, a healthy amount of minerals, and fiber.

Red Banana

Rich in potassium, vitamin C and vitamin D, red bananas contain fibers and help with the metabolism of red blood cells and proteins.


Dates contain vitamins, minerals, energy and fiber, while also being cholesterol free and containing low amounts of fat. Dates are also rich in proteins, helping your muscles be strong and maintaining you fit.

Brussel Sprouts

Containing the necessary daily requirement of vitamin K and C, brussel sprouts are associated with lower risks of cancer and diabetes. They’re also great for your bones thanks to the vitamin K, which prevents fractures and lesions.


Beets are naturally sweet and filled with nutrients and minerals. They’re also great when it comes to preventing heart disease, lowering your blood pressure, and dilating your blood vessels.

Broccoli Rabe

This veggie contains large amounts of Vitamin C and Vitamin A. It’s also associated with preventing cancer, and help those who suffer from asthma and certain allergies.


Cabbage is associated with preventing cancer, and with improving the health of your heart due to it’s anti-inflammatory properties.


Closely related to celery, celeriac has an intense taste that makes it the perfect veggie for making soups, stews and purees.


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Fennel is delicious and good for your body, providing relief in stomach pains and gases, anemia and indigestion. It’s also been associated with improving your brain’s health, increasing your brain’s connections.


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