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3 Simple Ways To Maintain Your Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

January is the month that’s supposed set the stage for the rest of the year. People are recovering from the holidays, which means everyone is doing a cleanse, or some diet.

The best way to be healthy is to change your lifestyle and to embrace all of those greens and veggies. If you think that you’re living on a strict diet, then you’re gonna be unhappy, and you’ll run to the nearest McDonald’s in a moment of weakness. Mindbodygreen has compiled a few tips on how to make every healthy meal memorable.

Check out 3 of our favorites: 

Make Plants Taste Delicious 

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The only way to stick with healthy eating habits is if your meals taste good. Look into recipes where you can roast, cook, or dress your veggies, bringing out their best flavors. Use all the spices you can think of (ginger, cayenne, etc.) and don’t skimp out on the salt, which you’ll need with those healthy meals that lack some oohmp.

Use Quality Cooking Oil 

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Oil is very important when cooking, adding flavor and variety to veggies and meals. You can also use them as dressing, mixing them up with salt, pepper, or some vinegars. You should check out olive, coconut, and sesame oil, which are very tasty and healthy.

Add Healthy Protein

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Protein fills you up, so you’re not hungry, and helps you build muscle, becoming a great partner for gym sessions and sports. You can use eggs, soba noodles, chickpeas, salmon, lean chicken, and plenty of others.


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