Monday, June 27, 2022
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This Genius Pasta Morphs Into 3D Shapes When Added To Water

Some really smart people at MIT just invented pasta that sprouts into 3D shapes when added to water. Think of it as “edible origami.”

According to MIT News, the flat discs of gelatin can also be wrapped around “beads of caviar, similar to cannoli, as well as spaghetti that spontaneously divides into smaller noodles when dunked in hot broth.”

This new technique has the potential to save on food costs, as retailers will be able to fit more pasta into packaging containers.

“We did some simple calculations, such as for macaroni pasta, and even if you pack it perfectly, you still will end up with 67 percent of the volume as air,” says MIT research scientist Wen Wang,  “We thought maybe in the future our shape-changing food could be packed flat and save space.”

Watch the pasta unfold. It’s pretty spectacular.



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