Sunday, October 1, 2023

This Week’s Fresh Makeup Tutorials: Glitter Eyeshadow

What better time to test out an explosive trend than on a day devoted to fireworks and summer fun? Glitter eyes aren’t as daunting as they seem—and with these tutorials, you’ll be the brightest firecracker at the party.

This one’s for New Year’s Eve, but fireworks still ensue. A nude lip keeps the focus on the glitter.

A cut crease that’s blended as normal eyeshadow would be makes the glitter on the lid pop.

Notice in this one that she’s covered the space beneath her eyes with clear plastic to keep the glitter from going everywhere. Major pro-tip.

This ultra-colorful color combination is fun for day or night. She’s also using the “tape trick” to keep the glitter under control.

Instead of covering the whole eyelid, Anastasia draws a bold line of glitter along the crease, for an unexpected pop of shine.

Pride month may be over but the party never stops. Let your glitter roam down your cheeks for a festive look.

This glitter eyeshadow look sparkles, but the blue lip adds an extra pop of fun.


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