Tuesday, May 30, 2023

‘Out Of Context Pornhub’ Is Your New Favorite Twitter Account

It’s easy to find porn on the internet, but if that’s not really your thing, how about just snapshots of the really bizarre stuff? Out of context, many porn scenes make absolutely no sense. And there’s now a Twitter account that takes full advantage of this.

With already more than 8,000 followers, the aptly named Out of Context Pornhub account was created in January by a group of people who run a porn curation site called Fap Curators. Would it be fun or mentally damaging to scour pornos all day to find the craziest images?

Judge for yourself:

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Most of the content is NSFW, but their most popular post to date is a screen-grab from a Pokémon porn:

The creators of OOCP tell the Daily Dot that they were inspired by other “Out of Context” accounts on Twitter, which usually show screengrabs from popular TV shows and films.

“A lot of people know stuff about porn and don’t really talk about it. We would love people to stop [feeling] shame about pornography, and Out of Context Pornhub is a good way to share some (mostly) SFW porno images with friends and have a laugh about it.”



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