Someone Made A Rosé Deodorant And We Don’t Know Why

It will come as part of "the brunch scents."

Rosé Deodorant
Photo via kaboompics

You can’t imagine someone ever wanting to smell like alcohol. In fact, most people use products to cover up the smell if they’ve been drinking or find themselves without a shower like at a music festival. But one company seems to think differently. Native, an all-natural deodorant brand, launched a new line of products for the summer. Included was a deodorant that smelled like rosé. They are calling the collection “the brunch scents” and feature sangria and mimosa, in addition to the rosé deodorant. No word if avocado toast is included in the brunch scent box yet.

Though again you don’t imagine people trying to smell of alcohol, the “brunch set” box set is retailing for $30. By the way, you’re not rubbing alcohol all over your body. Native makes their deodrants with natural ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil, beeswax, coconut oil, and more.

So in case the rosé craze and cocktails weren’t enough for you this summer, and you can’t wait for summer brunch, just roll on one of these bad boys. Cheers to that.

interested parties can sign up for a waiting list online for the second release of the limited run, which comes out mid-July.

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