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The Fresh Toast Launches in NYC with Media, Celebrities, and More

The Fresh Toast knows how to party in style: With 250 of our closest supporters gathered for a launch event to remember.

On Oct. 5, friends, supporters, investors and media colleagues celebrated the official launch of The Fresh Toast at Campeon, blocks from Union Square in NYC. We “toasted” with peanut butter and jelly on toast and popped the bubbly to celebrate the site designed to be a place of delight, discovery and big sides of cannabis. Tacos, gummy bears, quesadillas and brownies made their way around the room, along with festive green jello shots.

Guests includes journalists, editors and publishers from The New Yorker, The Today ShowHuffington Post, CNN, Yahoo, Amazon TV, US Weekly, The Daily News, executives from HEED, J. Walter Thompson Worldwide, Atlantic Records, MWW. During the evening, Keith Shocklee from Public Enemy and friends mingled with Wall Street types and models, while the folks from Ruckus, the company that built The Fresh Toast website, took humorous photos in the photobooth area.

“We ask each one of you to be part of The Fresh Toast family,” publisher JJ McKay told the crowd. They took a break from the margaritas passed around by Campeon’s stellar staff to hear JJ speak on our mission and enthusiasm for what’s to come. He highlighted the accessible, informative coverage featured in our HighWay and Rx sections — if you haven’t yet, check out our work on the truth behind marijuana prohibition and the deal with those pro-cannabis television ads popping up in California — and asked those present to send their hilarious stories in for our Hot Mess section.

To learn more about what’s coming soon from The Fresh Toast, read JJ’s open letter to our readers.
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