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Woman In China Claims She Beat Apple’s Facial Recognition Software

A woman from Nanjing, China claims that her coworker has been able to crack her phone’s facial identification software twice. She reports that she got a replacement for her phone when it first failed, and that her coworker was able to beat that one too.

The Huffington Post claims that Apple doesn’t have enough information to confirm or deny the details of the story, and that they can’t determine what’s wrong with the phones or why the facial recognition software is failing. One explanation the Apple spokesperson suggests is that both women tried to use the phones during their “passcode training” stage, teaching them to recognize their faces without knowing about it.

Some glitches in the software have been reported elsewhere, specifically when it comes to the phone confusing twins and not recognizing the faces of people under 13 years of age, whose facial features aren’t as defined as adults. While some people are still skeptical on the technology, Apple assures that the facial recognition software is safe, protecting phones much more than with touch ID technology. The company explained that the probability of someone cracking the facial recognition software is of 1 in 1 million versus the odds of someone cracking the touch ID, which is of 1 and 50,000.

We’ll probably never know what’s up with those failing iPhones in China. The errors in the software will surely be fixed in the next generations of iPhone X. In any case, facial recognition technology will be available in most mainstream smartphones within a short period of time. Windows is already using the tech to unlock some of their laptops.


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