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What I Ate Today: Old Bus Tavern’s David Zboray

David Zboray, the new chef at Old Bus Tavern in San Francsico, is already out the door before he eats breakfast. And even that is a rare occurrence. “If I do, it’s coffee and toast,” he says.

Skipping breakfast is very much a chef thing. It’s common for them to get very little sleep, and when they wake up, they wake up wired already. “For me personally,” says David, “I get as much sleep as I can so when I wake up, it’s time to go. You just don’t have time [to eat].”

Food is not always the first thing on you’re mind because you’re going to be tasting food all day anyway.

David, the former charcuterier of Empire State South in Atlanta, moved to San Francisco a little more than two years ago, and quickly found himself a pretty sweet job as the opening sous chef of Mourad, where he still fans the flames of a roast chicken love affair. David says he pays extra attention to his dinners; it’s a rare indulgence he doesn’t take for granted.

“Especially on my days off, dinner is always important. I always try to have fun with dinner. As far as the days that I’m working, obviously dinner is usually missed; I usually eat something late night.

Dinner to me is enjoying company I’m close to, not eating leftover spaghetti at midnight.

“Another great dinner option, especially for chefs, is Nopa. They serve [dinner] until 1 am. If you are going to get a decent meal after your shift, it’s going to be at Nopa. Lots of chefs congregate there.”

Check out the slide show above to see what (and where) a typical day of eating looks like for David.


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