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4 Ways Marijuana Can Help In A Messy Break Up

Breakups are tough and miserable – even if you are a celebrity.  But there are ways marijuana can help!

The buzz in the celebrity world is about the breakup of Beniffer – Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. It has dominated the news, but it reflects everyone’s journey in relationships.  Almost everyone suffers a miserable breakup in their life. The ending of relationship doesn’t  always have a logical reason or comes in a methodical planned way, it is usually messy, emotional and draining for a while. And it can lay heavy on someone’s mind and heart. One bright note is there are 4 ways marijuana can help in a messy break up.

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Breakups can upend a life. Hurt, grief, and a sense of failure when a relationship ends is common. It often mean a big change in your daily routine, which can feel overwhelming and a constant reminder of the loss. Weight gain and lack of good sleep can also be part of the after effects.  But, in the right dose and intention, marijuana can help you through.

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The first way to help is with sleep, with 35-45% increased odds of insomnia symptoms this is key. A good night dozing can help with a tough day of change. So, it is critical to nip long term disruptions it in the bud. Research studies have shown, with the correct dosage, marijuana may have an overall positive effect on maintaining sleep.

The second way is to help with anxiety. Big change causes makes people anxious, the loss of a person you care about, sometimes identity gets wrapped up in the “we” of a relationship, causing a disruption on self perception. Time is the best way and most natural way to heal. But THC appears to decrease anxiety at lower doses. Work with a healthy professional to a figure out a plan to get you to a more positive place.

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The third is to reeducation of alcohol consumption. Drinking too much after a breakup is unfortunately common, as the feelings of control alcohol provides can feel euphoric for a short period. But both physical and mentally it is not good. Light marijuana usage can relax you and put you in a better state of mind without hangovers, drunk texting and more.

The last way is personal health.  While it is hard in the middle of a breakup to look ahead, marijuana can help you with looking good for the future.  While the myth is stoners are lazy, couch potatoes eating…cannabis can get you moving. Like dopamine, it allows us to feel a sense of pleasure and reward, which has the effect of motivating us. Consuming a sativa strain can help you get out of bed and move which could include a workout!


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