Friday, June 2, 2023

4 Ways Quarantine Has Affected Our Sex Lives

Whether you’re alone or coupled (or thrupled, if that’s your thing), our sex lives have been impacted by the lockdown. Here’s how.

Ever since the pandemic appeared, people’s sex lives have taken a turn, whether they are single or in relationships. Social distancing guidelines have made it tough for established couples to meet up and singles to go on dates. Couples who’ve spent their quarantines together have also faced a lot of stress, constantly being on top of each other (and not in the fun way).

As the pandemic continues, single people have been adapting to this awkward new normal, keeping their distance while also trying to find a way to get back to having intimacy with others.

The future is uncertain in many regards, with rules and regulations evolving on a constant basis. Still, the coronavirus has already left an imprint on people’s sex lives. Here are four examples:

Some people are horny while others are not

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The pandemic and our current social climate is a big source of stress, prompting many different reactions from people, all understandable. While some people are hornier than usual and find sex and masturbation as a good form of relief, others are depressed causing their libidos to take a plunge.

Couples quarantined together have been experiencing different emotions altogether. While some have bonded over the shared stress, others have experienced some irritability and tension due to constant contact. Couples therapists recommend taking your time to process your emotions and creating a space for yourself, where you can process your feelings and have some time for self-care. (May we suggest getting high alone?)

More people are watching porn

People are spending large chunks of their time online and are understandably itching for human contact. Logically, people are watching tons of porn. Pornhub experienced a spike in traffic during March due to their free premium memberships. Now that the promotion has ended, traffic is still up when compared to pre-pandemic times.

There’s a lot of self-pleasure

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Since a lot of people have been spending the last couple of months alone, there’s been an increasing interest in all sorts of sexual topics, with people purchasing sex books, discussing sex openly and buying tons of sex toys. While it’s normal for people to be bored and seek pleasure (i.e. masturbation and junk food), it’s also important to adapt to these circumstances and find healthy ways to cope, such as cooking and working out.

Virtual sex is a thing

As has been the case with most of the pandemic, virtual spaces have been stepping up and trying to fill the void of people’s needs. In this case, sexual connection. Sex parties and chats have been adapting to the digital, even if people should be careful about the websites they use and the necessary precautions in order to keep their data private and secure.



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