Thursday, July 18, 2024

Zoo Worker Ends Up Dead After Attempting Sex With An Alligator

Jimmy Olsen, one of the zoo keepers of the Naples Zoo was found dead in the alligator enclosure on the morning of August 21st. His body was discovered a couple of hours after his death by several employees, who found its dismembered pieces floating around the pool.

Security footage showed just why Olsen died so brutally. Initially, the video showed him having sex with one of the younger and smaller reptiles of the zoo. He was lying on top of the animal, with his pants around his ankles and his back turned to the other reptiles of the enclosure. Not a smart move Jimmy. In this position, Olsen found himself unable to defend himself or even notice when one of the larger reptiles of the pool attacked him, grabbing him by the neck and dragging him to the depths of the water. Experts believe he died very fast.

“The poor guy didn’t stand a chance! We can see him being dragged in the water, then he disappears from sight. He was probably dead within thirty seconds of the attack.”

Said Captain Henri White, spokesman for the Naples Police Department. We’re not sure if we agree with the poor guy part, because wow, this guy just raped a teenage alligator.

Jimmy Olsen was one of the reptile specialists of the Naples Zoo and had been working with the animals for over two years. He’s the first person to die while having sex with an alligator on the zoo, but he’s not the first to be caught engaging in sexual acts with them. A couple of years ago, 3 members of the zoo were condemned after allowing people to have sex with some of their animals. What we can learn from this tale is to stay far, far away from Naples Zoo. And Florida.


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