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Only 5 Percent Of People Can Spot The Hidden Cat In This Video

It’s no secret cats rule the world. They will be petted when they want to be petted. They will come when you call them only when they feel like it (or if you have food). And, as this video will attest, they will only be found when they want to.

Because felines are so great at blending in with their environment, only five percent of people who watch this video can spot the cat in less than 30 seconds.

There’s a photo within the video of a dusty, barren field. But it’s not as abandoned as it initially seems. There’s a cat in there. Watch for yourself and see if you’re one of the eagle-eyed few who can see the camouflaged critter. (If you can’t find it, there’s a hint below!)


SPOILER ALERT! Take a hard look at the right side of the photo. You’ll see a cat sitting in front of the rock pile.

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