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5 Tips To Help You Start And Stick To A Workout Routine

5 Tips That Can Help You Start Working Out
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Working out consistently requires you to make your workouts a priority. Here are 5 ways to help make that happen.

Working out occasionally can be fun, especially if you’re trying something new or going to a class that makes those 45 minutes fly by. The challenge is to work out consistently, when whatever sport or activity you do starts to feel repetitive. Like all habits, developing a workout schedule and finding the motivation to get up and move takes some time and commitment.

Still, no matter your age, experience or fitness level, working out is a good way of de-stressing, sweating, and feeling better about most aspects of your life. There’s a reason why it’s a recommended activity for all types of people, especially during a pandemic.

Here are 5 tips that can help you start working out in a way that’s consistent and effective.

Start slow

While it’s normal to get excited when trying out something new, when it comes to working out, it’s pretty common to burn out quickly. Start off slow, being realistic about your long term goals and plans. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t manage to workout as much as you wanted to.

Think about your day to day life, and about how many workouts you’ll be able to fit in. A helpful tip is to avoid spending more than three days without doing any kind of physical activity. Once you instill this habit, your body will naturally ask for some movement and you’ll start to feel like you’re failing your goals if you don’t fit in some sort of activity.

Look through your options

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Another way to increase your odds of being consistent is to take your time in finding what you want to do. Try out different classes, apps or YouTube videos and find something you enjoy. Don’t force yourself to run three times a week just because you want to get in shape and doing this is the easiest workout you can think of.

Buy appropriate gear

Once you’ve figured out that thing you enjoy, buy some gear. While workout clothes and shoes are always super expensive, they can help you get excited and stay motivated. They also show that you made an investment, making it harder for you to quit if you’re feeling lazy.

Don’t try to work out every day

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It’s very common for people to go overboard during their first week working out and then to drop it since they didn’t experience any results and their bodies are in pain. Take it slow and only increase your workouts once you feel like you want to do more and notice that you’re gaining skills.

Make a schedule

Use your phone or a physical calendar and write down the days where you want to work out. Try to stick to this routine, which will help you look forward to your workout days and also your days off days. It doesn’t matter if you workout in the morning or at night, what matters is that you get it done and develop a habit.

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