WTF? Insane Scoutmaster Eats 23 Ghost Peppers, Immediately Regrets It

Poor dumb Johnny was still in bed with really bad stomach pains. And not long after eating the peppers, he was "sick at both ends and there was quite a bit of blood."

What Did This Santa Lookalike Do To Get Kicked Out Of Six Flags?

Please be advised: Do not attempt to go to Six Flags if you happen to be the doppelganger of a very famous old man in a red hat.

Guard Busted For Playing Pocket Pool While Watching NFL Cheerleaders

A man who works for Elite Security, the company tasked with providing additional security at San Diego Chargers games, was caught on camera during Sunday’s Chargers-Raiders doing something that looks a whole lot like masturbating.

Great Moments In 2016: Someone Left Their Drugs At Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club is an overwhelming place. Under the same aluminum warehouse roof, you can get...

Sex Shop Workers Use Floppy Dildos To Fight Off Armed Robber

The employees at Lotions & Lace threw floppy dildos and other sex toys at the man who was trying to rob the place, until he left empty handed.

Cops Realize “Frozen” Woman Is Actually A Creepy Mannequin After Smashing Into Parked Car

If you’re one of the many people in this country who enjoy driving around with...

Watch: Man Ignites Firecrackers That Are Taped Around His Bare Chest

But they pale in comparison to Holmes’s latest stunt, for which he taped fireworks around his bare chest bandelier-style and then ignited them as a friend filmed.

Southwest Pilot Congratulates Passengers For Drinking Every Last Drop Of Booze On Board

The pilot congratulated his passengers for drinking all of the booze on board during the three-hour, twenty minute from Oakland to Kansas City.

This Guy Can’t Remember Where He Left The Gold, Will Stay In Jail Until He Does

When things started to sour between him and his investors, who accused him of stealing the loot, Thompson disappeared completely for years.

My Bad: Chilean Politician Is Sorry He Posed With Inflatable Sex Doll

Even in the time of Trump, it’s a bad idea to publicly accept an inflatable sex doll at a major industry event if you’re a prominent politician. Alas, this was a lesson learned too late by Chile's Economy Minister Luis Felipe Cespedes.