Jogger Stopped At Microsoft After Cops Spot ‘Nude Buttocks Illuminated’

A man was spotted jogging at three AM wearing only a pair of black sketchers. Officers saw “seeing nude buttocks illuminated by a streetlight."

Man Who Claims To Have 19-Inch Penis: “I Want to Be a Porn Star”

The man who says he has the largest penis in the world claims he’s happy with it and someday hopes to become a porn star.

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What Happens When Student Scientists’ Experiment With Coffee Goes Very Wrong

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Naked Woman Yelling About Angels Stops Rush-Hour Traffic in Houston

Thursday afternoon, commuters in Houston were treated to an unusual site: a completely naked woman yelling in the street about angels.

Burger King Employees Accused Of Selling Weed To Customers Who Asked For “Extra Crispy Fries”

Two Burger King employees were arrested for allegedly selling weed through the fast food chain’s drive-thru to customers who Asked For “Extra Crispy Fries”.

Corpse of Infamous Electrocuted Weasel Now on Display at Dutch Natural History Museum

There are all sorts of cruel ways that animals die in nature. Some are ripped...

Woman Arrested For Allegedly Pelting Cop With ‘Wet’ Used Tampon

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Guy Thinks He’s Found Evidence Of His Own Alien Abduction

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Did A Man Really Lose His Testicles In A Scuba Bong Blast?

Tragic scuba bong: "A 27-year old Boston man has suffered injuries after an attempt to 'fill a scuba tank with weed smoke' failed last Thursday night."