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Editor’s Choice: How Legal Weed Is Solving The Opioid Crisis, Oprah’s Sinful Food Treats, And Cannabis Vs. Cigarettes

Legal Weed: An Accidental Solution To The Opioid Epidemic Oprah Launches Her Own Comfort Food...

Like Brownies? Like Emojis? Then Try Poop Emoji Brownies

Using a mold from her own baking line, Rosanna Pansino crafted delectable poop emoji brownies in honor of The Emoji Movie.

Nicki Minaj Gets Hilariously Real About Smoking Marijuana

Nicki Minaj apparently smoked some real good weed recently. So good, in fact, she couldn’t help sharing so with her followers on social media.

Editor’s Choice: NFL May Give Marijuana A Chance After All, Foods That Prevent Summer Sunburn, And The Ultimate Guide To Marijuana Dosing

NFL And Players’ Union Looking At Marijuana For Pain Eat These 7 Foods To Help...

Watch The Wrestling Rumble That Broke Out On An NYC Subway

You don’t know what you’ll see on a NYC subway. Yet, the insane, disgusting, and hilarious sights are nothing compared to the first Subway Royal Rumble.

Did This Insurance Company Say Kanye’s Weed Use Led To Breakdown?

Kanye and his company have filed a $10 million lawsuit against Lloyd’s, stating that the insurers have stalled in paying out claims.

These People Convincing Justin Timberlake To Hold A Baby Is The Most Absurd Thing You’ll See Today

It appears that this dad took his baby to a golf tournament and decided to make the experience as annoying as possible for Justin Timberlake.

Editor’s Choice: The Senate’s Latest Marijuana Vote, Hipster Foods Go ’80’s, And What Each State Hates Most

Editor's Choice is a weekly editorial roundup featuring the best of the best of the week on The Fresh Toast.

Here’s Why So Many Adults Aren’t Getting Laid

According to research by Shervin Assari at the University of Michigan many adults aren't getting laid. No wonder there is so much unhappiness in the world.

A Shot Of Chili Vodka Landed This Guy In The Hospital

Hot chili peppers are fun. But when it comes in liquid, liquor form, hot pepper infused foods can be even more dangerous. Especially chili vodka.