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The Pros And Cons Of Flying While Baked

Flying during the holidays while baked is an activity that is neither inherently pleasant or awful, here are the pros and cons.

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Bad Santa: 9 Super-Sketchy St. Nicks That Have No Jolly

In a way, these dreary, sketchy santas are the honest ones because they don’t try to or can't hide the odd darkness inherent to their profession.

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SoCal Cannabis Investment Forum Happening Today

Don’t miss Southern California Cannabis Investment Forum, a discussion on investing in Southern California’s newly regulated cannabis industry.

Here Are Our 10 Favorite Marijuana Memes Of All Time

And what could make a meme funnier/more appropriate for a marijuana-themed site than memes that involve marijuana? Here are our faves.

Here Are The 5 Best Thanksgiving Movies To Rewatch For Turkey Day

It’s Thanksgiving time! Soon you’ll be bombarded with intrusive family members, tons of delicious food, and—hopefully—enough booze to get you through it all.