Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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Make Your Own Marijuana Edibles Using A 3-D Printer

The future is here and it’s called Potent Rope — a new cannabis filament that allows you to print your own marijuana edibles on any 3-D printer.

Sisters Ashley Herr and Paige Colen developed the product that allows users to make their own small, fixed-dosage canna-snacks, right down to the milligram.

Here’s how it works: the material that’s printed is a water-soluble thermoplastic polymer that can be mixed with different cannabinoids and terpenes. Thermo what now? Thermoplastic. It may sound toxic, but you’ve likely already consumed a bunch of it in the form of  beer, wine, and teeth whitening strips. Fun fact: the average person ingests 44 pounds of thermoplastic every year. In scientific terms, it’s a digestible polymer that becomes pliable when heated.

But as reports, there may be an issue with printers getting contaminated with non-edible materials like PLA and ABS, which would require Potent Rope users to have a dedicated printer. They’re also suspicious that the market for this type of device is not sizable enough to support the product.

Potent Rope starts production later this year.



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