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Cozy Up To These 6 Comfort Cannabis Cultivars

Curling up in a quilt in front of a warm, crackling fire, coming in from the blustery cold, making spiced cider and mulled wine, and embracing the smells and sensations of the winter months is the best way to make it through without getting seasonal depression. Cozy up to your favorite person, pet or stack of pillows with these six different cannabis cultivars that comfort your soul on the coldest, wettest of days.

Jack Frost


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A lightly euphoric, yet clear headed hybrid, Jack Frost is a powerful strain that is heady and good for aches and pains the chill might have put into your bones. A strain made up of the well known strains Jack Herer, White Widow and Northern Lights, the mesh became a new favorite of growers, hash makers and cannabis users alike.



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The ultimate indica coated in frost and perfect to match bowls with on a snowy day, Afghani wraps around you like a blanket. This is a very good cultivar for combatting any homebound born anxiety and makes you feel more comfortable in your own skin. A great strain to pair with milk and cookies, hot chocolate or spiced seasonal coffee, you’ll feel the warm fuzzies all over.



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This legendary strain is an indica dominant hybrid that is potent to say the least, so if you’re in for the day or night and are ready to get in some down time, smoke or vape this pungent cultivar ‘til your heart’s content. The origin cultivar of the powerful cannabis strain Sour Diesel, it also has a gasoline-like aroma.

Bubble Gum


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Sweet to the pallet, relaxed and the perfect replacement for a chill pill, Bubblegum is a fun strain to toke as much as it is to fall back into its overarching effects. Its flavor is distinctly sugary like a hunk of Double-Bubble and it’s won several awards for its all around goodness.



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Another legend, but in the urban sense, G13 weed was rumored to be concocted by top government agencies out of the best strains in the world for combatting depression, seizures, pain and hunger issues. Though its origin story will never be proven, it is a heavy, beautiful indica to contend with and will have you on your ass in the best possible way.



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A crafted creation by lauded cannabis breeder DJ Short, Blueberry is known for its fruity flavor, but it’s equally infamous for its sophisticated cannabinoid profile that calms the nerves and leaves one feeling comforted and content in the moment. Perfect for staving off winter blues, Blueberry is a favorite, frosty cultivar for most any warmy sesh.



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